We buy and sell new and second-hand Steel Plate for ground protection.

Size List
  Size Weight (t) Dimensions (mm) Area (sq.m)
Steel Plate 19x3x6 0.249 914x1,829 1.5
19x4x8 0.443 1,219x2,438 3.0
22x3x6 0.289 914x1,829 1.5
22x5x10 0.802 1,524x3,048 4.5
25x5x10 0.911 1,524x3,048 4.5
22x5x13 1.070 1,524x4,064 6.0
22x5x20 1.604 1,524x6,096 9.0
25x5x20 1.823 1,524x6,096 9.0

Depending on the circumstances, some sizes may occasionally be unavailable.

We also have other sizes, so feel free to ask if your desired size is not mentioned above.

Custom plates cut to your specifications, including hanging hole, are also available. (Plates are cut by hand, using acetylene gas)

Prices fluctuate according to daily market conditions, so please enquire for more information. (Free Estimates and Quotations)